Bulk Messaging


Dual Infosolutions corporate services is built to bridge businesses, corporation and executive’s needs to achieve simple, cost effective and immediate communication to their prospects, customers, employees, colleagues, retailers, suppliers, distributors and friends via smsdual’s different and direct communication channels.

We at Dual Infosolutions offer a lot of products and services to our customers that enables them to build a successful communication channel between them and their customers using software products,  web applications, sms, voip, internet marketing or using search engine optimization techniques, Bulk Emails. Our services are built with the aim to built customers success with focus on increased revenues to their businesses.

Big companies, mobile subscribers and IT sectors now recognizes the benefits and opportunities of communication channels across the world which helps them to build up an successful marketing channels with their prospective or existing clients due to which result outcome is vast level of communication tools that are being offered by

  • Free Signup of the Account
  • customised Sender ID
  • create groups and upload contacts
  • schedule sms for future delivery
  • printable delivery reports
  • statistical analysis of your sent messages, among others