Terms & Conditions
The following terms apply to all users of the service..

1.Messages are normally delivered within a few seconds, as long as the receiving phone is in coverage. We cannot guarantee this delivery time though, since it depends on network conditions outside our control.

2.You must not use our service to send threatening or abusive messages.

3.You can use our service to send advertising messages, as long as the recipient has requested them, can easily opt-out, and you follow the Mobile marketing code of conduct of your country.

4.If you abuse our service, we may suspend your account without refunding any unused message credit.

5.Should you stop using your account, we may close it without refunding any unused message credit. We'll always warn you by email before we do this, and allow you to keep it open.
6. By signing up an account you accept to always receive promotional offer alerts , General communication etc from the our system.